Cinque Trade is a private owned trading company which has as a primarily focus on minerals and non traditional food business development, with a capability to source, produce, integrate, purchase and ship goods for our clients.

We focus on providing new business opportunities, offer trade financial aid, build sourcing strategies that reduce cost and improve profitability, due diligence and transparency in every transaction.

Our aim is to operate and participate with our own factories, or do direct deals with suppliers and buyers.


Integrated Business

Risk Management

Due Diligence

Financial Aid

Buy and Operate own assets

Transaction Transparency


Our boutique size allows us to offer our clients a personal touch and quality service throughout the entire financial and procurement process.

We own factories so we can adjust production lines and delivery products from our own manufacture line.

Our sourcing strategies and methods help us identify the most profitable options for our clients while maintaining high production standards according to each client’s specifications, applying best practices manuals for food process in order to meet countries phytosanitary standards.

We have a high skilled team to conduct due diligence and compliance of standard, processes, previous experience in order to ensure our client´s security in each transaction, then completing successfully from start to finish.

Our aim is to bring financial aid and solutions through a safe structure that allow control and transparency.


Suppliers / Producers

Working with and maintaining good relationships with our own factories or with various producers / trading houses network on a global scale allows us to offer the best services and products that add the most value. We will always work according to our client’s standards and expectations.

Purchase contracts

Utilizing our co-op and our financial company, we not only verify the transactions, but can also secure each transaction with our partners purchasing power.

Risk management

Every choice comes with risk, but we built our risk model where all parties are in the best safer harbor possible. If it’s a matter of insurance, due diligence, process control, or a visit to the factory to verify supply, we will find a method to either manage, hedge or eliminate the risk entirely.

Supply chain management

We closely monitor every step of a global transaction with a team of partners that collectively represent a high level of expertise in banking, finance, trade, compliance, shipping and logistics.


Fresia 9340, Bodega 5, Quilicura, Santiago, Chile